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Wrap-Up of Kick-Off Event

Our kick-off event was a success! Thank you to all who presented and attended the event.

Below you can find access to the slides and recordings of the talks, in the order they were given (Youtube playlist here), as well as pictures.

Please note! This page is still being updated with new material.

Event Material
Welcome from the directors Ingo Steinwart and Andreas Bulling (University of Stuttgart) Slides / YouTube Recording
Welcome from Univ.-Prof. Dr.-Ing. Wolfram Ressel (University of Stuttgart) YouTube Recording
Bernt Schiele (Max Planck Institute for Informatics) - Keynote "Challenges for Deep Learning in Computer Vision: Interpretability, Robustness and Security" Slides / YouTube Recording
Steffen Staab (University of Stuttgart) - Interactive Intelligent Systems Slides / YouTube Recording
Michael Pradel (University of Stuttgart) - Natural and Programming Language Processing Slides / YouTube Recording
Filip Miletic (University of Stuttgart) - PostDoc Lightning Talk, "Modeling Language Variation Across Time and Communities" Slides / YouTube Recording
Amin Totounferoush (University of Stuttgart) - PostDoc Lightning Talk, "Knowledge-Enhanced Machine Learning" Slides / YouTube Recording
Ravali Gourishetti (Max Planck Institute for Intelligent Systems) - PostDoc Lightning Talk, "Teaching Sensorimotor Skills for Healthcare Applications" Slides / YouTube Recording
Paul Bürkner (University of Stuttgart) - Learning Theory Slides / YouTube Recording
Lei Shi (University of Stuttgart) - PostDoc Lightning Talk, "Bayesian Intent Prediction for Human-Machine Collaboration" Slides / YouTube Recording
Hyosang Lee (Max Planck Institute for Intelligent Systems) - PostDoc Lightning Talk, "Integrative Tactile Skin Using Computation: Combining Sensory Design and Machine Learning" Slides / YouTube Recording
Decky Aspandi (University of Stuttgart) - PostDoc Lightning Talk, "Attention based Deep Learning and Affective Computing - Applied to Human Computer Interaction" Slides / YouTube Recording
Katherine J. Kuchenbecker (Max Planck Institute for Intelligent Systems) - Robot Learning Slides / YouTube Recording

PhD Students Posters

Morning Session

PhD Student Supervisor Poster title (click for pdf)
Iris Andrussow Katherine J. Kuchenbecker (Poster contains unpublished data and cannot be uploaded.)
Alexandra Baier Steffen Staab Safe Motion Prediction with Physics and Deep Learning
Islem Bouzenia Michael Pradel Detecting Inconsistencies in Conditional Error Printing Statements
Pavel Denisov Thang Vu Transfer Learning for End-to-End Speech Recognition and Beyond
Aryaz Eghbali Michael Pradel CrystalBLEU: Precisely Measuring Code Similarity
Annerose Eichel Sabine Schulte im Walde Computational Modelling of (Semantic) Plausibility
Daniel Frank Steffen Staab
Susanne Hindennach Andreas Bulling Redirecting Theory of Mind for Explainable AI
Anastasiia Iurshina Steffen Staab Neural NIL-linking
Julia Koch Thang Vu
Florian Lux Thang Vu Low-Resource Text-to-Speech Synthesis
Sarina Meyer Thang Vu
Julian Nubert Katherine J. Kuchenbecker Learning and Optimization for Reliable Robot Motion Estimation
Matteo Paltenghi Michael Pradel Understanding Neural Models of Code
Jiaxin Pan Steffen Staab Temporo-relational Vector Field for Temporal Knowledge Graph Embedding
Philipp Reiser Paul Bürkner Bayesian Uncertainty Quantification with Surrogate Models
Ben Richardson Katherine J. Kuchenbecker
Nataliya Rokhmanova Katherine J. Kuchenbecker (MPI) and Eni Halilaj (CMU) Predicting Knee Adduction Moment Response to Gait Retraining with Minimal Clinical Data
Marvin Schmitt Paul Bürkner Model Misspecification in Simulation-Based Inference
Maximilian Scholz Paul Bürkner Machine Learning for Bayesian Model Building
Tarun Tater Sabine Schulte im Walde Multimodal and Multilingual Abstractness
Yao Wang Andreas Bulling Visual Attention Modeling for Optimisation of Information Visualisations
Francesca Zermiani Andreas Bulling and Maria Wirzberger Gaze-Based Individual Differences in Resumption Strategies During Interrupted Learning

Afternoon Session

PhD Student Supervisor Poster title (click for pdf)
Javier Aguilar Romero Paul Bürkner Intuitive Joint Priors for Bayesian Multilevel Models
Arnaud Allemang--Trivalle Katherine J. Kuchenbecker Monitoring the Surgical Team: Approaches and Challenges
Matteo Bortoletto Andreas Bulling (Poster contains unpublished data and cannot be uploaded.)
Guido Caccianiga Katherine J. Kuchenbecker Dense 3D Reconstruction Through Lidar: A New Perspective on Computer-Integrated Surgery
Mayar Elfares Andreas Bulling and Ralf Küsters Privacy-preserving Attentive User Interfaces
Cosimo Gregucci Steffen Staab
Behnam Khojasteh Katherine J. Kuchenbecker
Rodrigo López Portillo Alcocer Steffen Staab Anomaly Detection
Mojtaba Nayyeri Steffen Staab
Duy Nguyen Ho Minh Mathias Niepert
Tim Schneider Steffen Staab
Hendrik Schuff Thang Vu
Florian Strohm Andreas Bulling (Poster contains unpublished data and cannot be uploaded.)
Pascal Tilli Thang Vu
Vinh Tong Mathias Niepert
Lindsey Vanderlyn & Dirk Väth Thang Vu ADVISER: A Dialog Framework for Education & Research
Zihao Wang Steffen Staab Text-enhanced Knowledge Graph Embedding in Hypercomplex Space
Guanhua Zhang Andreas Bulling Learning Interactive Behaviour Embeddings