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Neural Software Analysis

University of StuttgartPhDneural software analysis

The Software Lab, led by Michael Pradel, is looking for people interested in a PhD on neural software analysis. The broad goal is to address challenging software development problems, e.g., code completion and bug detection, by combining deep learning and program analysis.

Positions are fully funded (100%) and open to any applicants with a master degree in computer science or a related subject.

For more details and to apply: https://software-lab.org/jobs/PhD_opening.html

Gaze Behaviour Analysis for Early Diagnosis and Monitoring of Autism

University of StuttgartPhDComputer Vision

A strong interest in applying computational methods to human-computer interaction, for example intelligent user interfaces, is required. Excellent programming skills are expected. Previous experience with Python, TensorFlow, or CUDA is an advantage. Strong team working and critical thinking skills, aptitude for independent and creative work, as well as fluent English written and presentation skills are essential.

Positions are fully funded (100%) and are available to applicants of any nationality. You will contribute to the leadership of ongoing projects, will have the opportunity to advise undergraduate and graduate students, and contribute to the teaching activities of the group.

To apply, visit www.perceptualui.org/jobs.