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Distinguished Lecture Series - Talk by Nuria Oliver (Data-Pop Alliance/Vodafone Institute)

We are pleased to announce our upcoming Distinguished Lecture Series talk by Nuria Oliver (Data-Pop Alliance/Vodafone Institute)! The talk will take place online on March 29th, 15:00 on Webex.

Nuria Oliver, is co-founder and Director of the ELLIS unit in Alicante, devoted to research on “Humanity-centric Artificial Intelligence” (https://ellisalicante.org). She is also Chief Data Scientist at Data-Pop Alliance, Chief Scientific Advisor at the Vodafone Institute and co-founder and vice-president of ELLIS (The European Laboratory for Learning and Intelligent Systems). She is a Telecommunications Engineer from the UPM and holds a PhD in Artificial Intelligence from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). Between March 2020 and April 2022, she was named Commissioner for the President of the Valencian Region on AI Strategy and Data Science to fight COVID-19. She led at team with ~20 data scientists and co-lead the winning team of the XPRIZE Pandemic Response Challenge. Nuria is the only Spanish researcher recognized by the ACM as Distinguished Scientist (2015) and Fellow (2017) at the same time. She is also a Fellow of the IEEE (2017) and the European Association for Artificial Intelligence (2016). She has received an Honorary Doctorate from the Miguel Hernandez University (2018). Dr. Oliver is an elect member of the Spanish Royal Academy of Engineering (2018), Academia Europaea (2016) and SIGCHI Academy (2018), where she is the only Spanish scientist.

Title: Mitigating human and algorithmic biases

Mitigating human and algorithmic biases

In my talk, I will first briefly present ELLIS Alicante, the only ELLIS unit that has been created from scratch as a non-profit research foundation devoted to AI for Social Good. Next, I will present our early work on mitigating both human and algorithmic biases with AI. On the human front, I will describe our research agenda captured in our recent publication at the AAAI Fall Symposium “BIASeD: Bringing Irrationality to Automated System Design”. On the algorithmic front, I will present FairShap, a novel pre-processing approach for algorithmic fairness based on Shapley Values.

Date: March 29th, 2023
Time: 15:00
Place: On Webex.

Looking forward to seeing you all there! No registration necessary.